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Research Paper on the History of Consumers

During the 12th decade, the protection of consumers has remarkably become important as the number of services, as well as goods available, has dramatically increased. For the past hundred years, some of the common laws have been operated in the tort and contract areas offering some consumer protection.

The federal, as well as state legislations in such an arena, has also been carried forward and consumers are protected well against the unfair practice of business and faulty services as well as goods.

Consumers tend to protect themselves by specifically being aware of their rights as well as seeking advice before making huge transactions. Such a “legal system” is offered to an organization that can assist consumers if any specific issue occurs. Such a legal aspect tends to regulate the behavior of people who supply the services as well as goods in an effort to avoid disputes.

History of Consumers

The law related to the protection of consumers is a set of rules that often protect a consumer from the abuse of traders. Hence, one of the first law maker’s tasks or legal drafters shall conduct the formulation of a consumer protection piece of legislation to examine the term consumer so that they can come under legislation protection.

The next significant task is to define “trader”. Defining traders, as well as consumers, is not simply a matter of logical reasoning. It possesses its own policies along with implications. The foundation of consumer protection often includes the consumer protection act of 1979.

The main aim is to strengthen the contractual consumer’s rights. It is known to be applicable for all the contracts linked to a party’s business activity excluding the other ones. The second party often comprises the “consumers” whereas the first party is the “entrepreneur”.

An entrepreneur is an individual who runs a certain business. The enterprise and entrepreneur concept is a creation of the Act of consumer protection. The consumer’s protection from traders’ malpractices and commercial institutions is an essential state of responsibility.

Hadith and Qur’an laid down the primary consumer protection structure around 1400 years ago, which are valid currently as they were during the Prophet (peace be upon him) golden age and caliphs who were rightly guided.