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Thesis on Therapeutic Alliance

The therapeutic alliance is the quality relationship between the patient and the therapist. The therapeutic alliance is always fundamental since it assists in predicting whether the therapy works over a particular brand of therapy like psychodynamics and humanistic therapy. It normally acts as a common factor across all therapies since it goes past the bondage between the therapist and the client.

Typically, the therapist is required to be experienced and instinctual enough to critically establish and apply judgment to assist the patients to define and attain their goals in the therapy. The outcome of the therapy habitually relies on the skill, and technical competence of the therapist along with their relationship with the client.

Therefore, the therapeutic alliance would play an important role in enhancing the outcome of the therapy done on the patient to foster the standard of life of the patient along with their wellbeing and this would considerably contribute towards the establishment of a healthy patient population within the society.

The primary role of the therapeutic alliance is to help assess and recommend the client’s response to the therapy they are receiving. The positive therapeutic alliance usually assists the therapist to make a recommendation on whether the client is investing in the therapy session either financially, or emotionally or whether they are attending the session on time and this would significantly assist in determining the outcome of the therapy.

Likewise, the therapeutic alliance helps in determining whether the therapist has perceived competency, experience, training, and qualifications that would enable them to deliver quality therapeutic services that would assist in alleviating the clients from their troublesome health conditions that expose the clients to endure pain and suffering.