Annotated Bibliography

Plagiarism-free Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography is a document that provides the citations of all sources as well as the reason behind them. It has been an important component whenever anybody is making a research paper or thesis paper; as the relevant way of presenting your information is to make an annotated bibliography paper.

Plagiarism is a serious offense in academic institutions and whoever commits it can be targeted with severe punishments. The right way to get rid of this problem is to make use of citations. A document is made along with a research paper to provide the reference material which has been used for the research.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a document that cannot be left behind as the resources for the information would be unknown to the reader. The bibliography component includes a particular list of resources that you have used in the academic paper.

These resources could be extracted from anywhere; some of the sources of information include books, journals, personal diaries, encyclopedias, TV, or the internet. Furthermore, the other second part of the paper provides reasoning as to why certain resources are used and what were they need for them.

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