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Term Paper on Vaccination for their children

The present-day generation has begun to push back on vaccination for their children to assist in eliminating childhood diseases and protect the future generation. Vaccination typically protects children from severe diseases and complications of vaccine-preventable disorders which under adverse conditions can result in amputation of the child’s arm or leg, hearing loss, brain damage, and paralysis of the limb, and brain damage.

It also suppresses vaccine-preventable disease like whooping cough, measles, and mumps which usually tends to threaten the lives of children at an early age. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of these diseases and promote the health of the children, the parent of the present day has resolved to go back to vaccinating their children to enhance their well-being and make them immune to various childhood diseases.

 Moreover, the parents of the present day have resolved to vaccinate their children to protect their posterity. Vaccination of children habitually makes the children withstand various diseases thus making them grow to adulthood and give forth to another generation hence this has considerably motivated the parents of the current generation to vaccinate their children so that they may not only protect their children but also offer protection to their grandchildren.

The best way to educate the parents on the vaccination of their children in a way that they would identify with is to recruit community members to become pro-vaccine leaders to offer basic education to the parents and the importance of vaccination to their children.

This strategy would assist in enhancing the turn-out of the vaccinated children in the society since through community-based education using a pro-vaccine leader, the majority of the parents would positively respond to the teaching on vaccination hence this would lower instances of vaccination resistance by the parents.