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Essay: Solutions to aggressiveness in schools

One may deal with aggressive behavior in several ways, depending on the cause of the behavior. For example, if a mental disorder is the major cause of the problem, then it will be wise if the child got medication for his illness. The medication allows him to get better, leading to a situation where the violent behavior will go down.

In case parenting techniques are the problem, then it will be wise if the parents got practical advice that will help them to bring up their children in a better way. This includes being taught on positive and negative reinforcement and punishment and how and when to enforce it. They should also learn how to communicate well with their children in order to ensure they do not have unnecessary conflicts with them

Psychotherapy is also useful for aggressive children. During psychotherapy, the child will be allowed to open up and talk about the issues that are troubling him. This means that the psychotherapist is able to get to the root of the whole issue that is troubling him. This way, they are able to deal with the main reason. If the problem is emotional upheaval due to an imminent divorce between the parents, psychotherapy will help the child to come to terms with the issue and learn how to live with one parent instead of two.

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