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Essay: The Gerrymander Process

Gerrymander is the process of dividing a specific state or territory into election districts in order to achieve an unlawful goal, such as giving one party a greater advantage. State constitutions or alterations to those constitutions authorize state legislatures, and occasionally state or federal courts, to allocate or reallocate election districts. This means that states may draw and redraw the lines surrounding election regions for offices both local and congressional. Furthermore, it can also mean that states may calculate and recalculate the numbers of representatives in election areas. Any kind of prejudice may be termed as gerrymandering. Moreover, gerrymandering is considered to be illegal redistricting.

The use of redistricting is implemented to adjust the populaces of election districts to accomplish equality in representation between those districts. However, sometimes it is used for unlawful means. That is when it becomes gerrymandering. For example, a lawmaking redistricting scheme constructed to benefit the party in power will be termed as a gerrymander. Imagine that a state authority has redrawn its voting regions to separate all societies that vote mainly Democratic into huge communities that vote Republican. This is known as a political gerrymander.

Gerrymander Process

Gerrymandering way of redistricting is the main reason for the concern over the methods being used to draw the boundary lines within districts. A lot of fraud complaints may arise regarding this issue and most citizens can issue complaints on how their democratic right of choosing their leader is being interfered with by the gerrymandering process. Thus, the process of redistricting after the 2010 midterm elections were geared toward looking into such problems and providing a solution for them.

The chamber, which now mainly constituted the Republicans, was to re-visit the redistricting process and eliminate the boundaries that had been earlier set forth by gerrymandering ways.  Doing so, will help in the fight against corruption and also help in the build-up to a free and fair election process in the United States. This is of importance to the people as it will help them get rid of the candidates earlier occupying offices but not performing as required of them, and elect new individuals to office.

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