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Essay: Aggressiveness Problems in Children

Schools usually bear the full brunt of aggressiveness, as the children are more likely to act out their violence amongst their peers. When the school administration realizes that such and such a child has an aggressiveness problem, they should not hesitate to inform the parents of what is going on. They should then take relevant steps to decrease the incidents of violence. One way is by punishing the guilty parties.

Additionally, the school administration can put in place measures and programs that will help reduce the rate of aggressive behavior. Van Lier et al (2004) give an example of a classroom intervention method that was used by schools in the US in 1969. According to the authors, students in Grades 1 and 2 were placed in groups where they were to behave positively towards members of their class. Failure to do this resulted in the group losing marks. This was deemed effective at that time, and may still work now.

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