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Essay: Skillful Workers in IBM

Skills that the workers possess should also be considered during scheduling as only one skilled worker can tackle a specified task. IBM has only three skillful workers who should be assigned a specific task in the entire project. Thus, by scheduling the project management team is able to maximize the skills of the workforce (Willis, pg. 78).

Early start and early finish is the perfect situation that all projects should gear towards achieving. On the other hand, the critical path represents a situation where the project starts late and finishes late implying that it is the longest time that the project can get completed within the schedule (Toker et al, p. 802). It is imperative to realize that significant late times while building the cost must be substantiated to account for the extra resources that might have been used to get the project completed against prior anticipation. Slack time is constituted by the amount of alteration of time within house building project without necessarily having an influence on the ultimate time of completion or beginning.

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