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Essay: Aggressive Behavior is not Necessarily Bullying

Aggressive behavior is not necessarily bullying, although aggression does lead to bullying. When one is aggressive, they may act out this aggression by picking out several students they find easy to molest. Aggression becomes bullying when it becomes a trend. For example, one’s child may bully someone at least twice a week, every week for a period. Studies show that bullying is highly prevalent with 15% of all students in Canadian schools have done it at one point or the other.

As stated above, the rate of aggressive behavior in schools has gone up. This means that many innocent students are undergoing pain and torture in schools at the hands of other students. This does not go down well with them, as aggressive behavior; especially in the form of bullying has adverse consequences. To this end, one may lose their sense of esteem and self-worth and may be depressed. If the bullying is extreme, one may have suicidal thoughts, and poor academic performance (Campbell et al, 2006).

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