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Essay: The Slaves Were Not Allowed To Read or Write

The slaves working in the different plantations were not allowed to read or write. The lives they were subjected to in the land they were in were harsh and cruel. Nonetheless, as they were used to that life, they became content with it and did not try to make changes. He describes a situation where it was an honor for most slaves to be sent on errands to the main plantation of Mr. Auld.

When this happened, the slaves would sing, ‘am going away to the Great House Farm, yea!  O, yea!  O!” To them, being sent to the Great House Farm was a big deal, one that they undertook enthusiastically. Douglass however, did not see it that way. To him, the songs meant that indeed they were slaves and the song spoke of the pain and anguish they endured while asking God to deliver them from slavery

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