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Essay: Components of HIMS Strategic Planning

The components of any strong HIMS just like a laboratory introduction include the following (World Health Organization, 2010):

There is a need for HIS resources, which include structural and physical requirements such as planning, regulatory and legislative framework. Others include communication and IT systems as well as logistics, financing, and personnel support. Resources, in this case, will involve every resource required like office supplies, policies, staff, and capabilities.

Indicators required for measuring health system and status. These indicators need to be feasible, sensitive, specific, reliable, and valid.

The data sources should be a combination of both periodic and surveys for them to be reliable and updated. The best data is from Misys for it is a software vendor specializing in supplying laboratory information systems (Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc., 2011).

Data management; after the data has been collected, it has to be analyzed in such a way that it can be compared with information from other sources.

Information products got from analyzing the collected data. It has to be done by qualified individuals. Dissemination and use; data production has to be connected with its use for it to strengthen the HMIS

The problems, which may arise from the components, are mostly because of the incapability of the responsible people to analyze and disseminate the data collected effectively. To prevent these foreseen problems, the best-qualified employees have to be hired. Further, there has to be thorough and continuous training that will ensure strategic implementation as planned. Some of the problems that may arise include delay, incompetence, and conflicts.

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