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Essay: Health System Development Priorities and Its Problems

Since different countries have different Health System Development Priorities depending on the legal systems, a review of them is very important. Not all the staff involved in the strategy design, planning and implementation are familiar with these priorities and this will be a good moment to inform them and make them understand. With a good understanding of the priorities, the responsibilities assigned to each of the parties are clear and easy to accomplish.

Reviewing all the problems associated with the current Health System Development will be a great strategy showing how to avoid them. This will ensure that the project at hand is in conformity with the systems and thus does not cause any conflicts.  The involved parties will be informed of all the possible problems so that their execution responsibilities become very easy. Most of the problems in the health system are witnessed in the countries, which face economic challenges. All the expected problems from the set health policies will be reviewed and thus preparations made on how to deal with the problems in case they happen (Health Planning and Statistics Department, 2007). These problems include those shown in Appendix II.

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