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Essay: Current and Planned HIMS Strengthening Efforts

The current HIMS Efforts are very encouraging and support the introduction of the strategy.  This includes the supporting HIMS guidelines and the already researched data that was very easy to access and is very reliable since it comes from a very dependable firm (Misys).
There are also legal policies that support any short-term project like the laboratory introduction and since it is for the betterment of the locals, it is highly supported. With the existing good relationship between our hospital and the neighboring society, no external negative pressures are expected. It is therefore clear that the project is not vulnerable to any external resistance. The planned HIMS efforts are not expensive to implement and thus it is evident that the strategic planning is a success. These are shown in Appendix III above. Step 7: HIMS Objectives and Interventions
The objectives of the project are clearly defined and they should help in the realization of the strategy. These objectives include the following:

Reviewing and updating the relevant regulatory systems to ensure easy data collecting and reporting
Strengthen the internal relationship among all the employees to ensure that they work as a team to see the project a success
Provide qualified staff required for the strategy formulation and implementation
To provide the necessary capacity required for the entire process, this includes both human and material resources

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