Essay: Causes and Harmful Effects of Acid Rain

Sample Essay – Causes and Harmful Effects of Acid Rain

With each passing day, the inhabitants of this planet are faced with more and more serious threats to the environmental conditions of the planet, and acid rain is one of them.

Rain is generally acidic by nature because of the presence of carbon dioxide and some other gases which are naturally present in the air. This combination of rainwater and gas forms a weak acid that is beneficial because it helps the dissolution of minerals in the soil which facilitates plants.

A growing concern recently has been the observation of increased acidic contents in the rain which are more than the natural desired content. This has raised alarm among people and the immediate blame for this has been given to the growing industrialization in the past few decades. 

Industrialization has given birth to uncontrollable pollution and sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and some other harmful pollutants mix up in the air and increase the acidic content to harmful levels.

Acid rains are damaging wildlife, plants, and the natural environment and increased acidic content can even pose a threat to human life. Whenever the rain falls, its acidic content mixes up with either the soil or water and acidifies it. Corrosion in buildings is also one of the consequences of acid rain.

It is high time that countries all over the world join hands to fight against this rising threat. Pollution levels should be kept within tolerable ranges and industrialization methods need to be proposed which are cost-effective as well as environment friendly.

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