Essay: Green Tea Benefits

Sample Essay – Green Tea

Beverages are extremely common all over the world and tea is one beverage that in its various forms is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Be it hot or iced tea, the popularity is the same. Rising awareness of its medicinal value is also giving rise to the usage of green tea all over the world. It is the best form of tea considered for usage and is extremely beneficial for health.

Green tea has several advantages. People use it to lose weight; it has a great extent of anti-oxidants in it and also imparts glowing fresh skin. Green tea is also very effective in usage against damage caused to the skin by the sun. This can be achieved by boiling green tea leaves in water, cooling it, and applying it to the skin before applying sunscreen. 

Green tea is also very beneficial to the skin and its masks are very popular. They help replenish the skin and give it a glow. A cup of green tea each day helps the metabolic rate to rise which in turn helps lose weight. Maximum benefits can be attained by consuming tea brewed from fresh green tea leaves.

People nowadays are tending more and more towards medicine. They should realize that it’s in the natural ingredients that all benefits lay and if they are consumed adequately, no need for medicines would arise.

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