Research Paper: Volcanic Eruption

Sample Research Paper -Volcanic Eruption

A volcano comprises a mountain or a small hill that spews or at some point in time has spewed out hot molten lava. This happens due to the presence of large holes in the crust of the earth which are formed when hot bubbling magma under the earth’s crust forces itself out causing the crust to crack up. The process of volcanic eruption doesn’t happen overnight but is a long ongoing process.


Magma keeps collecting slowly and steadily beneath the crust of the earth until comes the time when the pressure is so huge that it causes the spewing out of this lava along with hot ash, gases, and small pieces of rock. The intensity of this pressure can be estimated by the huge explosion which occurs in the event of a volcanic eruption.

Nowadays most of the volcanoes that we see are in the form of a mountain but the fact is that these mountains emerged as a result of the continued eruptions and the accumulation of material and lava spewed out in eruptions. The center of this mountain contains the main vent which started off the volcano in the first place.

Volcanoes are essential of two types: active and dormant. As the name implies active volcanoes are those which continue to erupt after some time while dormant volcanoes are those where no volcanic activity or eruption has been observed for a very long time and the probability of it happening in the future is also quite minimal.

Volcanoes are an essential feature of our planet’s geography and their presence and/or absence makes a great deal of difference to life and climatic conditions in the area surrounding the volcanoes. It is due to these volcanoes that scientists and researchers have been able to decipher a number of natural phenomenon and their causes.

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