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How to use Fping?

The Fping is a tool for pinging multiple IP addresses simultaneously. The Fping tool can input a range of IP addresses that are to be entered at a command prompt, or a file can be created that contains more than one IP address and used as the input source for the tool’s Fping command.

For instance, the fping –f ip_address.txt command uses the notepad file ip_address.txt as the input source. This notepad file has in it a list of IP addresses. This input file is typically generated with the help of a shell-scripting language so that it is not required to type in the thousands upon thousands of IP addresses manually that are needed for the conducting of a ping sweep operation on a network of Class B. For instance, to get an idea of some of the parameters that can be used with the help of the Fping command, the following attempts to show the picture.

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“-a” is for showing a live target. “-A” shows target addresses. “-b n” is for how much ping data to be sent (in bytes – by default this is set as 1). “-c n” is for the ping count for each target. “-C n” for the report of “-c n” is verbose fashion. “-e” is for the elapsed time for return packets.

“-f file” is to read the list of targets from some file. “-g” is to generate a target list. “-i n” is for the interval sending the sending of ping packets. “-l” is for loops for sending pings indefinitely. “-m” is for pinging multiple interfaces on target hosts. “-n” is for sorting targets by name. “-p n” is for the interval to one target between packets. “-q” is for not showing results on a per target or per ping basis. “Q n,” “-r n,” “-s,” “-s add,” “-t n,” “-u,” and “-v” are some of the other available parameters.

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