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Essay: Police Discretion is seen to Cause Racial Profiling

Police discretion is seen to cause racial profiling in that the minority tribes or races may feel oppressed (Bittner, 2007). The police may be ordered to use more force in the name of discretion on the targeted races. In this case, reporting domestic violence by these races will lead to unnecessary legal actions, which may withdraw people’s willingness to report the cases.

With domestic violence cases, it has been found that there are some victims and especially women victims who are unwilling to give all the necessary information regarding the abuse. It may happen that the police officers are asking questions, which are not easy to answer. This will force the police to decide to ignore such cases even though they might have been very serious. The inaction decision by the police officers makes the problem more serious than before. It has also been reported that the offenders who end up without legal action taken against them, end up repeating the crimes once more. This leaves the abused oppressed and may end up engaging in evil activities like drug taking or even committing suicide.

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