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Essay: Making Fair Rules for Students in Class

During the interactive session before coming up with the set of rules for students in class, the students expressed why they took delight in some of the misbehaviors in class. As they each voiced out their reasons, I could be able to tell each one of their characters based on my knowledge of psychology.

This was very important because, when making rules that govern the whole classroom, a teacher must make sure these rules do not seem to favor others and oppress the rest. Understanding the case on the ground is very important. Making each and every student in the class feel important and part of the class is a great way of conducting a disciplined class. These students will each feel the need to be a role model to the rest and by doing so the order is restored in the class (Thorndike, 1910).

Based on their research, Sutherland and Wehby (2001, p.165) said that in order to realize fewer cases resulting from opportunities to engage in inappropriate behavior, incorporating higher levels of active responding by students is very effective. They also gave a proactive technique that increases the frequency of high-probability requests following the wishes before the delivery of a low-probability request was effective too. This has been discovered to be the most effective method for increasing the frequency of the low probability behavior.

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