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Essay: An Example of Poor Classroom Management

When conducting this survey, a number of issues came to my attention. Most teachers had a problem relating to their student’s behavior. These teachers have resorted to certain measures to try and control their classrooms but unfortunately, these measures do not work. An example of a case scenario was in one of the 9th-grade classrooms where a teacher was trying to give instructions for an assignment.

The class was quiet for a while, but the minute she turned to write on the board, one student started laughing at a joke. The teacher chose to ignore this noise instead of dealing with it. This was a bad measure because, after a few minutes, the whole class was noisy. When she was done writing on the board, she turned to ask if there were any questions about the assignment given. This is when her management method showed its failure. There were no questions, but she had to go around from one desk to the next repeating the instructions to the students as none of them had been paying attention.

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