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Essay: India’s Efforts to Empower the Society

The government of India has tried and has made great strides in empowering its society about the ways of taking care of their health (Agarwal, 2007). Most importantly it has empowered women who in India are the ones charged with the responsibilities of domestic affairs such as planning for diet and looking after the health of their children. Actually, studies indicate that the largest numbers of qualified professional women belong to India, and there are more doctors, surgeons, scientists, and professors than in the United States (Maps of India, N.d.).

Nevertheless, statistics indicate high levels of discrepancy between the number of women who are educated and those who are not with those who are not being the vital ones to determine the health status. They are the ones who live in the rural areas where the diseases are rampant and kill a lot of people. As such, the government should ensure that the wider population in the village gets empowered through the development of community-based programs.

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