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Essay: The Social Influence of Religious Groups

The social influence of some religious groups and communities such as the Muslims have put a great impediment to the progress of vaccination. They make claims that affect the campaign for vaccination leaving major spots in the society with some parents refusing to take their children for vaccination. The government of India should ensure that such factors are taken care of by teaming with other organisations and voluntary groups to advance the campaigns. Working with various groups will instill confidence in the society and it will also facilitate the coverage of information even to the most uncivilized communities on the ground.

More utilisation of groups and development of strategies for reaching people will be the leading signs for the war against polio and other communicable diseases. As Mittal & Mathew (2007) says, it is the lack of political and administrative will from the government and its healthcare institutions as well as numerous numbers of children- he terms them as “Pockets of Children”- who have not been immunized does make the fight of polio fail to cease, and there working with groups and developing new policies and strategies, the war will be worn successfully.

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