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Effective Teacher and Qualities of Effective Teacher

Effective Teacher

In today’s society, education is being given a lot of importance. Therefore, an effective teacher is responsible for providing quality education to their students. Some teachers are not capable of doing their job very well. So how can we know whether a teacher is good or not? There are some distinct qualities that make a teacher stand out from others. Students also get to learn a lot from their teachers and it can change the learning experience of students as well. How well a student performs in academics, is largely dominated by how good the teaching he/she is getting.

A teacher should realize that whatever teaching method is chosen should bring out positive effects in the children. Even if the teaching style is very strict, it can still have a positive effect on students as they learn to become more disciplined and courteous. Most importantly, the teacher should relate to the student’s circumstances and try to make an effort to understand the mindset of the youth.

Children have a vast imagination and they think differently than adults. Therefore, teachers need to realize what factors will make the students more attracted to the teaching and how will they pay more attention to their studies. If a teacher is successful in making the classroom experience, a fun-filled time for students; then the students may actually look forward to coming to school.  Having a sense of humor and using teenage popular terms can also get the students to like the teacher.

Moreover, the teacher should also be able to involve the parents in the learning activities as the progress of the child is also determined by what he/she does at home. Therefore, teachers should have discussions, not only with the parents of weak children but also with the parents of high achievers. Discussing the child’s growth should be a major concern to parents but the teacher should be able to have an individual analysis of each student in the classroom.

Skill of managing

The skill of managing the classroom is unaware to many teachers. Even if the teacher is teaching very well, the classroom is a place where students make new friends, adopt new habits, and make life-changing memories; so, therefore, creating a positive and healthy environment in a classroom can do wonders for a child’s personality.  Academics are important to an extent, but the things which children remember till adulthood are important. Some lessons stay with the person while studies are just a phase of academics.

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