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Buy Essay Trade unions reducing in the US

The concept of collective bargaining entails the ability of the workers to join hands and work for specific objectives. It is always easier to demand better working conditions as a group as opposed to an individual.

Further, recent trends show the number of the members of these trade unions reducing especially in the US. This is notwithstanding the advantages of the unions. However, it is attributable to major changes in the larger economy in addition to shifts in the labor market.

The scenario is explained due to various factors. Primarily, changes in the global trends concerning outsourcing. Many firms, especially in the US, are outsourcing labor in countries where it is cheaper. Indeed, this has resulted in the reduction of laborers in such sectors as manufacturing leading to few workers joining the unions.

Other factors would include the gender of the members willing to join the unions. As more women enter the labor market, they are less willing to join the labor unions as opposed to men. Gender association to membership has continued to dominate the labor unions and the effect is a further decrement in the membership.

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