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Essay: Reducing Children’s Interaction with Violence

In the case of violent TV programs and video and computer games, parents should be careful about what their children are watching, and what they are doing online when they have an internet connection. This way, they will be in a position to control what they watch and play, reducing their interaction with violence.

This regulation becomes even more important when the child is below 8 years old. This is a relevant age as many children at this age are still unable to distinguish reality from illusion and thus very easily internalize what they watch. At this age, they do not have the necessary filters that adults have that help them to pick what is necessary from a program and leave the rest.

Careful parents should also communicate with their young ones about the dangers of interacting with such violent media. They should help their children to see how their actions may affect the lives of others in a negative way. Thereafter, they should let the children be accountable for any mistakes and wrong choices they make so they may learn that all choices have consequences and that mature person is always willing to take responsibility for their actions regardless of how negative they may be, or how painful.

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