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Essay: Intense fear of dentists

I have always had an intense fear of dentists after a traumatizing experience when I was a child. Thus, my dread was palpable when I set foot into the door of the office. My first impression of the dentist’s office was that the place was all white and blue. This gave the place a cold ambiance that was nevertheless offset by several paintings on the wall.

These were made up in bright colors and gave the otherwise cold room, cheery warmth. The office was neat and a couch was set against the wall. There were a number of magazines on a table in front of the couch, which included a few international magazines, like National Geographic, and a few that were majorly local. I also noticed the day’s paper on the table.

The room was empty apart from the receptionist who was seated on the desk with a computer on it. She seemed busy, but looked up immediately when I entered, smiled warmly at me, and shook my hand. She gave me a seat in front of her desk and took my details with a quiet efficiency that made me realize she was experienced at what she did.

As I learned later from her, the place was clear due to the fact that most of the patients made appointments, and as such, many came at their own specified time.

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