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Buy Essay Advanced Marginality Worsens the Prevailing Conditions

Advanced Marginality Worsens the Prevailing Conditions

Advanced marginality worsens the prevailing conditions in the ghettos, leading to a situation whereby those living in the said areas no longer identify with the places they previously called home. As the name suggests, this is not a situation bound to improve anytime soon, and as such, the existence of the ghetto in the future seems assured. This means that the separation between the ghettos and other areas of society will remain.

Despite the bleakness of advanced marginalization, collective imagination, and memory has been deemed as a way of eliminating ghettos from society. If the ghetto communities collect, share, and pass on the memories they have about the places they live in, both good and bad, they will be more likely to remember what happened in the past, what they would like to happen again, and what they will not wish to happen.

This way, they will be able to learn from their mistakes and avoid committing them again. Additionally, if the ghetto communities put their heads together and seek to find ways in which they may improve their lives in general, and not just care about their individual lives, then they will be better placed to come up with solutions that work and will enhance the quality of their lives.

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