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Essay: Adequate Ventilation is needed in Workplaces

Under health, the first element is on ventilation. Adequate ventilation is needed in workplaces. The air should be freshly drawn from outside of the workplace and should not be contaminated, for instance, by fumes. There should be proper circulation of air in the workplace. More ventilation is needed in workplaces with heating equipment.

The other part concerns temperatures in indoor workplaces. The thermal comfort of individuals is what is being sought after here. Many factors influence thermal comfort including humidity, heat sources, the physical demand of work and workers’ clothing. Personal preference also plays a big role. These factors make it difficult to set a specific temperature that’s ideal for workplaces. Nonetheless, for workplaces with sedentary activities, the temperatures should be at least 16 degrees centigrade while if it is in an active environment where there’s high physical demand, then, it should be at least 13 degrees centigrade.

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