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Enumeration Using DumpSec and Hyena

DumpSec and Hyena are two enumeration tools used with the Windows Operating System. DumpSec was made by Foundstone, Inc. An astonishing amount of info can be gathered using this tool. For instance, following connection to some Windows server, one can download – or in the lingo used in the software, “dump” – important info such as permissions for shares, permissions for printers, permissions for the Registry, the users on that particular server in table or column format, policies such as domain, local, as well as group policies, services and rights.

It is also excellent as a GUI tool for the purpose of securing and managing Windows Operating Systems. Its interface is not difficult to use at all and it provides security professionals with a whole lot of very useful information.

Just with the help of a single click, Hyena can give the user an overview of the shares as well as the user login names for Windows domain controllers and servers. If there are any workgroups or domains on the network, Hyena can also show them.

Enumeration Using DumpSec and Hyena

It can also give a graphical representation for info regarding the following things: Microsoft Windows Network, Microsoft Terminal Services, Find User/Group, and Web Client Network. When the program is opened, the screen shown contains information such as All Computers and Networks.

In the Networks section, one can find things like the VirtualBox Shared Folders. Microsoft Terminal Services, and the Microsoft Windows Network. In the Comptroller section of the Microsoft Windows Network, the user can finalize things like the QBOOKS-ENT, in which there are things like Users, Global Groups, Printers, Shares, etc.

In Global Groups, there is a lot of information just there for the taking like the Domain Admins, Domain Computers, Domain Controllers, Domain Guests, Domain Users, Enterprise Admins, Group Policy Creator Owners, and Schema Admins. Similarly, the Shares section also has such info.

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