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Dyslexia is a condition that is neurobiological in nature and it affects the way we learn thus creating a specific form of learning disability. This ultimately leads to hindrances during the processing of information and the speed with which the information is processed, as well as difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, and sometimes even speaking.

A Dyslexic person is usually unable to handle language deficiencies, use words for making a sentence, and also has a hard time remembering things. More boys are affected due to this disorder than girls. Dyslexia can affect any person regardless of age, gender, or intellect. Despite standard instructions and adequate intellect, a disorder exhibited by the struggle in trying to read is characterized as specifically evolving dyslexia. It is dependent upon basic cerebral disabilities which are often of statutory origin. Born with such a DNA, some children have a higher chance of developing dyslexia.


Gene has a considerable influence on the growth of reading as well as spelling skills and it runs in families. People are born with dyslexia as it is not acquired. If a person develops a reading problem during his lifetime due to suffering from brain damage & that is not genetically embedded into his DNA then this disorder is classified as acquired alexia.

Being unable to read and write will affect self-esteem leading to demotivation in children. There is no standardized assessment for dyslexia but we need to identify dyslexia so we can provide resources to those who need it. It is quite hard to put intervention; individuals with dyslexia may have different needs.

Dyslexic people take the time to develop such skills then nurturing them through teaching is very important especially if the development of these skills leads to effective learning.

Individuals with Dyslexia

Individuals with dyslexia are never identified at all, some students do not receive any early intervention, and their difficulties with reading and writing continue into secondary school. In case a teacher comes across a child with dyslexia & he is unable to identify his condition at an early stage then he may simply resort to the fact that the child is lethargic or maybe requires more time for his skills to develop.

As it is a learning disorder, it can overlap with other disorders; such attention deficit is a distinct disorder and specific language impairment. Dyslexia is a unique disorder that has specific characteristics the key problem is with writing and reading the language and not with speaking.

Education today is highly dependent upon the acquiring of knowledge Young people leaving education who also lack basic reading and writing skills find it difficult to get a job and earn a steady source of income. Lacking of basic literacy skills also tends to negatively impact a human being on the basis of health, economic security & individual well-being.