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Buy Essay We All Have Multiple Intelligences

Buy Essay We All Have Multiple Intelligences

Human beings are potentially gifted in that we are good at several things, and not just one of them. This is to say that we all have multiple intelligences as it were, and thus, no one human being can perfectly fit into a specific group of intelligence. For example, according to Howard Gardner, there are several types of intelligence. These include existential, interpersonal, kinesthetic, verbal, intrapersonal, and visual (Smith, 2005).

Multiple intelligences additionally affect our learning styles. Thus, it is easy to find that ‘conventional’ learning focuses on several types of intelligence. Hence, there are those who are good at mathematics and sciences while there are those good at languages. Additionally, there are those people who never seem to understand what is happening in class as they are always performing poorly.

Does this then mean that they are stupid, or not intelligent? No. This simply implies that their kind of intelligence may not be applied in a ‘normal’ classroom, and is perhaps not valued by the authorities. In light of the above, this paper will assess the author’s learning style. In addition, it will discuss how the development of an educational program is influenced by personal styles.  Finally, it will examine whether the aforementioned strengths fit perceived strengths.

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