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Buy Essay Becker’s Model

Buy Essay Becker’s Model

Becker’s Model is an economic model developed by Gary Becker, which attempts to explain human behavior in economic terms. According to this model, individuals make decisions based on cost and benefit analysis, taking into account the incentives and constraints that they face. The model has been used in various fields, including labor economics, education, and family studies, to explain a wide range of behaviors.

Becker’s Model

The basic premise of Becker’s Model is that individuals make rational choices based on the incentives and constraints that they face. In other words, people act in their own self-interest, weighing the potential benefits and costs of any decision they make. This model is often used to explain human behavior in the labor market, where individuals make decisions about whether to work, how much to work, and at what wage.

According to Becker’s Model, an individual’s decision to work is based on the net benefits of working, which is the difference between the monetary benefits of working and the opportunity cost of not working. For example, if an individual can earn $20 per hour by working, but also has the opportunity to engage in leisure activities that they value at $10 per hour, their net benefits of working would be $10 per hour.

Similarly, Becker’s Model can be used to explain why individuals invest in education. According to this model, individuals make a rational decision to invest in education based on the expected returns, which include the potential increase in income and the increased job opportunities that come with higher levels of education.

Becker introduces variables in which individuals consume time. Firstly, an individual’s decision to spend time either working or on leisure is highly dependent on the household. Indeed, households have a momentous influence on the manner in which people spend time. Thus, households constitute an economic unit.

Second, Becker espouses that there are myriads of ways in which people spend their limited time including working, household production, and consumption. Different commodities bear different characteristics that serve as a significant influence on people. Time-intensive commodities require huge amounts of time, unlike goods-intensive commodities. Therefore, an individual will make a rational decision when they choose goods-intensive commodities to save time in order to earn more income.


Becker’s Model can also be used to explain family decision-making, including decisions about marriage and fertility. According to this model, individuals choose to get married and have children based on the perceived benefits, which can include emotional satisfaction, companionship, and financial stability. These benefits are weighed against the costs, which can include the opportunity cost of not pursuing other life goals and the financial costs of raising a family.

Becker’s Model is a powerful tool that can be used to explain a wide range of human behaviors, including those related to the labor market, education, and family decision-making. By understanding the incentives and constraints that individuals face, economists can better understand and predict human behavior, and develop policies and interventions that can help individuals make more informed decisions.

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