1984 Novel By George Orwell

1984 Novel By George Orwell – Military literature was widely distributed in the 20th century, providing readers with a vast selection of novels to read about these subjects. Some authors argue on both sides of the armed states and acts when examining the political reality of their periods.

George Orwell created a book that imagined a future that applies to all eras and political systems. The novel 1984, released in 1949, immediately following World War II, describes a character who must endure the demands of a repressive regime.

1984 Novel By George Orwell

Orwell portrays an ongoing struggle between the individual and the system throughout the narrative. The novel is rather gloomy, oppressive, and dismal. Under extreme pressure, the story’s main character betrays his relationship, confesses that 2+2=5, and exalts his tormentors.

Big Brother keeps an eye on him, so he cannot afford to make another movement, stride, or look. Reading the book may make the reader feel uneasy, but failing to do so will make us all oblivious to the perils this world may hold.

To believe that 1984 specifically refers to a well-known social authoritarian regime that no longer exists would be incorrect.

Even though our societies pretend to be democratic and liberal, oppressive resistance was necessary before the USSR existed, is essential in many situations now, and will continue to be important in the future. Because of this, many readers worldwide have made 1984 their desk companion and will continue to do so.

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