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Technology has invaded every aspect of human life. Entertainment, likewise, has been evolved since the advent of technology. Video games are one of the most common entertainment programs of human, especially of teenagers. Teenagers used to spend most of their leisure time playing video games. The present world has witnessed the change in the nature of video games. Video games, nowadays, are promoting violence. Use of weapons and physical abuse are common aspects of video games. These video games have adverse effects on the minds of our younger generation.

Many psychological and scientific studies have shown that the minds of teenagers are very adaptive. They use to adopt what they experience in their surroundings. Playing violent video games on daily basis imbues aggressive nature in the teenagers. Researchers have observed increased aggression in those teenagers who like to play video games in their leisure hours. Parents of such teenagers have also shown concern about the changing attitude and short-temperateness of their children.

Many people now believe that the video games companies should avoid the promotion of violence in their games because it will have bad effects on our future generation. Killing and hurting someone to attain personal means is even unacceptable morally. Therefore, promoting such nature through video games is indeed questionable. It is a common belief that by playing these video games, young people will eventually develop violent nature and this will subsequently cause increased violence in the world.

In this chaotic world, there is a need for promoting peace and morality rather than promoting violence. Therefore, there should be a strict monitoring on such video games. It will be better than video game companies stop promoting violence in the video games or government should ban such games which teach our younger generation to be violent to survive. The time of playing video games of the teenagers should also be cut-down because it not only affects the nature but it also disturbs the study hours.

Everyone must unite to promote peace and to contribute to the betterment of the future generation. Promoting violence is wrong, ethically and morally. Its adverse effects are prominent in the nature of young people. They physically abuse and bully their class fellows and other people around them. By playing such games quite often, teenagers become aggressive and short-tempered. Therefore, the parents and adults must pay proper attention to the development of the mind of their children and youngsters. Teaching good morals does have positive effects and teaching bad things by means of video games is indeed questionable.