Tips For Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

5 paragraph essay as the name indicates is an essay that would consist of 5 paragraphs.  These 5 paragraphs are the introductory paragraph, 3 paragraphs that form the body of the essay, and the concluding paragraph. The first paragraph is the introductory paragraph which informs the essay readers what is the topic of the essay all about. It usually has 3 main points which should be introduced in the introductory paragraph.

The next 3 paragraphs are collectively called the body of the essay which covers all 3 points mentioned in the introductory paragraph. An important to note here is that all 3 paragraphs should form a link and should be written carefully in support or against the topic. The last paragraph is the concluding paragraph that will conclude and summarize the whole of the essay.

5 Paragraph Essay

A 5 paragraph is similar to a cake. A cake can have a variety of icings those are obviously different topics that can be covered in a 5 paragraph essay. The introduction and conclusion paragraphs are given utmost importance when writing a 5 paragraph essay because they not only build the foundations of the topic but are also like attractive icing on the cake. The introductory paragraph is the icing while the concluding paragraph is like the cherry on the top.

The base of the cake obviously is the 3 body paragraphs. The sole purpose of the 5 paragraphs is to hook, capture, and be with the reader till the conclusion so that the reader attracts, delights, entices, and enjoys the cake till the last bit.

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