TikTok Marketing B2B and B2C Marketers

Some brands are having trouble figuring out how to fit into the expanding short-form video market. This post will discuss the top TikTok marketing trends from the perspective of brand marketing, as well as how to locate trends on the site and join them.

More Businesses Are Using TikTok

TikTok is the top platform that marketers are increasing their spending in for 2022, according to HubSpot Blog Research. Businesses didn’t take TikTok seriously for a very long time. They perceived it as a platform for Gen-Z to produce quick, humorous films.

It now ranks behind Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as the fourth most effective social media network, according to marketers. It surpasses popular websites like Twitter and Pinterest as a result.

Brands are beginning to understand that, despite the fact that consumers may first visit the site for humorous videos, they stick around for authenticity and community development, which are important building blocks for brand loyalty.

Music is Prefered More Than Hashtag

No other social networking site places such a heavy emphasis on sound. According to TikTok’s “What’s Next” research, 88% of users claim that the platform’s audio is essential to their entire app experience. Brands should emphasize the usage of sounds while publishing on the platform in light of this. While hashtags can be useful for reaching your target audience, making the right sound will probably be more successful.

TikTok Marketing B2B and B2C Marketers

Utilizing the “Discover” tab is one of the best ways to find trends on Tiktok. This page offers a preview of the most popular videos in the category along with a list of trending noises, hashtags, and themes. Additionally, you can see how many videos are included in that category, which can help you determine which trends are just starting to gain traction and which ones are already huge.

Additionally, Instagram’s Explore page and TikTok’s “For You” page are similar. Depending on the material each user interacts with the most, it appears differently for each user. If a video receives hundreds of thousands of likes or views, it may be worthwhile to look into its relationship to a specific trend.