Thesis on Methods most effective at Reducing Bullying in School

Schools in this country have many problems today, and asking people their viewpoints as to the nature of these problems will produce various responses, such as insufficient support of teachers, overcrowding of classrooms, and lack of resources. The widespread prevalence of bullying has had an impact on students, teachers, the community, and the educational process. Bullying is a major cause of the fear that keeps children from feeling safe at school.

Often child behavioral problems will appear as a predominant problem that hinders the educational goals for our children. Many teachers and students experience frustration because of behavioral problems in the school on the part of some children.

Effective Method For Reducing Bullying in School

One major component of the behavioral problems facing teachers and students today is bullying. Bullying is not just a problem in our country; in fact, many studies on bullying have been done in other countries.

For example, in the United Kingdom. Bullying is definitely a global problem, but it is probably more of a problem in the USA than anywhere else. Many children believe that their school staff will not protect them if they report their fear, forcing the children to cope with feelings of fear and helplessness all on their own.

Some children refuse to attend school, experience physical symptoms, drop out of school, associate with gangs, or carry weapons to school in an attempt to control the impact of bullying in their lives.

The National Association of School Psychologists and the United States Department of Justice estimate that each day 160,000 children miss school because of fear of being harmed.

Another estimation reports that 100,000 children carry guns to school each day, partly out of fear and to provide self-defense. These negative results of bullying behavior require us to respond with efforts to explore effective intervention methods to reduce the level of bullying behavior currently being exercised in our schools.