The Element of Relationships and Love in the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

In 1925, American author Francis Scott Fitzgerald released his book The Great Gatsby. Using the Dan Cody persona to establish his identity in society, he describes the events that take place in New York, tells the tragic love story of a millionaire who has found success in life, and chronicles Gatsby’s obsession with a beautiful young girl with whom he has been in love since he was a child. Gatsby is a romance and tragedy movie. Gatsby made a lot of enormous projections.

Tom Buchanan

The sad love tale of Gatsby’s love for Daisy is described in the vivid and rich plot of Scott Fitzgerald’s book. The reader can follow the realization of the American ideal while learning about numerous scandals and intrigues that have occurred over time. The true faces of the characters emerge as soon as Nick steps inside the Buchanan residence. 

Whether they are friends, lovers, or coworkers, all characters have some sort of connection to one another. Let’s examine how the characters in The Great Gatsby interact with one another.

It has long been accepted that the wealthy have many friends, but when the money goes away, the friends follow. The Great Gatsby novel contains numerous examples of wealthy people who take advantage of or manipulate others.

It may appear at first glance that the characters have a somewhat warm relationship, yet the slightest amount of pressure can quickly sour this friendliness. Communication between Daisy and Gatsby demonstrated this. Tom then acknowledged that Gatsby isn’t an Oxfordian.

In the first few chapters of The Great Gatsby, Nick plays along with her and acts interested, but as soon as he realizes how fake she is, he stops. Around midnight, Tom Buchanan and Wilson came face to face and got into a fight over Mrs. Wilnos’ right to say Daisy’s name. This happened in the novel. Daisy and Tom have lived in the neighborhood for quite some time.

Jordan Baker helps Daisy Buchanan maintain a comfortable lifestyle and a respectable reputation in the neighborhood using her resources and contacts. Jordan Baker is intelligent and incredibly sly. Only Gatsby and Jordan utilize Nick to assist Daisy and Jay in their reconciliation at the same time. Daisy was astonished to see how poor the residents of the Long Island fishing community were.

The fact that George locks Myrtle in himself, Tom Buchanan enjoys manipulating Myrtle Wilson, and Jay tries to take advantage of Dan Cody’s generosity to help him construct his new identity in society all indicate how insecure the characters in The Great Gatsby are.

The plot details incidents that subtly reference Tom and Tom’s relationship. The female who was Tom’s coworker as a cleaner at the Santa Barbara hotel was also involved in an incident where Tom collided with a truck. Additionally, Tom’s marriage quotations advise against discussing marriage with others, and Daisy’s marriage frequently breaks down because she puts up with fights in public.

The only character in the entire Great Gatsby book who genuinely cares about other people’s pleasure is Nick, in contrast to Gatsby and Daisy, who married Tom in order to get money. Even at that same moment, Nick inadvertently follows Daisy to have a cup of tea.

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