Term Paper: What is Animation

Sample Term Paper Animation

Animation in its early days was accomplished by making hand drawings but slowly and steadily computers started taking over and now it is completely computer produced. This is also termed Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). In this, computers are used to create the characters and backgrounds, and all animations are done on a computer without actually photographing the character.  

There is a rising trend of animated movies these days and in a very short period of time animated movies have not only gained a lot of recognition and popularity but there also has been a tremendous increase in the quality of animation produced and it is much closer to depicting real-life scenarios than ever before.

So what exactly is animation?

The answer is simple. It is a technique whereby computer graphics are used to create the illusion of motion without there being actual motion recorded via live-action. Cartoon movies are where animation may be seen at its peak.

A 3D model of the character or the scenario is created to which color, texture, and effect are added later on so that it appears as real to the viewer as possible. There are also some techniques in which animated or computer-produced characters can be amalgamated with live-action, actors, and on-set. This technique is termed composting and was made use of in the popular movie Jurassic Park. 

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