Telecommunication Industry

The influence of telecommunications industry on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 4- 5% of the country which is relatively minor importance to the country. But GDP never reflects social and economic importance. Approximately all UK businesses are vastly dependent on telecommunications to execute business, more over-reliant is every branch of centralized as well as local government and related public organization. Social life is extremely dependent upon the telecommunication industry as it broadcasts Television services to every home, mobile services, wireless internet, satellite communication, and texts to friends providing the facility for anyone to call emergency services. The defense and security of the nation are highly dependent on Telecommunications. For that reason, it has a multiplier outcome.

Moreover, its value to the overall stability of life along with the elected tradition of this country is enormous. Realizing the importance governments have recognized with the intention of the issue repeatedly rises above the narrower profitable interests of the companies who make available services. Therefore administration has several duties to guarantee the flexibility of the country’s telecommunications systems as well as services.

Telecommunication Industry

The influence and impact of environmental change in relation to successful management are directly related to the business environment. An organization needs natural resources, living persons, as well as places and things to exist.

All such factors together make up the business environment. It falls into two categories namely external and internal business environment. The forces outside of the association with the intention of potentially influencing the performance of the organization appear in the external environment of Business.

During the external or macro business environment analysis political, economic, social, and technological altogether known as PEST analysis is carried out. The factors affecting the performance of the company in the intermediate environment are considered micro or internal business environment factors.

It includes customers, suppliers, Marketing intermediaries, competitors, the general public, and pressure groups. Financial inputs of labor, stakeholders, banks, stockholders, and other money-relevant organizations are suppliers for the organization.

Every company’s management focuses on inputs at the lowest price while ensuring quality to meet the demands of the customer. Therefore, the customer is essential in the internal business environment for analyzing internal or micro business environment 5, C analysis is the best approach. One of the largest mobile companies in the United Kingdom’s telecommunication sector Vodafone recognized for its best services as the third largest company worldwide.