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Taoist theory of Self Actualization

Keeping in mind the Taoist theory of Self Actualization, the environmental deprivation that has best modern civilizations are a sign of the collective failure to rise above the concept of a lesser self. Greed and avarice that generates unappeasable needs and yearnings discriminate that heighten perceived differences among people obscure a person’s sense of humanity at then begin to justify oppression and violence and render humans incapable of sensitivity to other life forms who share this planet with us. These are examples of the lesser self in action.  It is difficult for a person to deny or hold back desires and emotions.

Self Actualization

Contemporary civilization has to change from an obsession with possession to one that values humanity above all things and a change from ‘having more to being more’.

Fundamentally, any revolutionary change begins with the acceptance and implementation of moral values that take the person in an upward and positive direction. To become better human beings we must uphold the ideals of Buddha who projects the best aspects and decency and integrity which are intrinsic to the human heart. In accordance with the Taoist theory of Self Actualization, the ‘true Buddha’ is more than just a mere earthly being.

The main and outstanding features of Buddhahood are deep apprehension and untiring efforts to make others happy. Rooted in the perceptions of the times and contemporary society, a Buddha is always looking for means and methods to assuage unhappiness and increase happiness, authentically encouraging their expansion, independence, and development with efforts that do not have any elements of belittling or trying to exert control upon others.

This inevitably makes a person wiser and enables him/her to be even more effective in their humanitarian and sympathetic efforts. The teachings and philosophy of Buddha are truly inspiring especially when you realize that those were the times in which people were absorbed in convictions about the mystical supernatural.

This transcends the true meaning of self which is eternal and encompasses a large number of gods. Buddha referred to the parts of the body as not-self, feelings as not-self, thoughts, and memories as not self-were surprising for many, and in fact it still are. For those not accustomed to these teachings, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to explore your being item by item and see if anything can be the self.

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