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Man is distinct from other living beings because of his willpower and intellect. God has bestowed the immense power of rationality and determination upon humankind. Man, if wills with all his heart, can achieve whatever he wishes for. A determination is a pathway to the success. If one wants to achieve his/her goals then he/her must adhere to the plan even after countless confrontations with the failure. Failure does not depend upon fate. Indeed, fate is just an imagination of human mind to console the heart after every failure. The truth is that man can make his own fate.

Nothing is impossible in this world. Humankind has accomplished many tasks that were considered impossible in the past. Tommy Lasorda has rightly said that “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination.” Failures do affect our aims, but people who swap their aims just because of one failure are the most cowardice ones. When determination combines with hope then success is guaranteed. Fate has nothing to do with the failures and the success. It is the man alone who has to decide which path to choose.

Joyce Alcantara’s poem “You Will Never See Me Fall” perfectly sketches the feelings of a determined person. A determined person does not care about his potential; rather he focuses on the goal he set for himself. The life is not easy, everyone has to confront failures, but such unwanted failures must not shake the determination. If one keeps struggling despite the hard times he/she soon will reach the destination. The poem has very strong lines:

“You may see me struggle…

but you will NEVER see me fall.”

An oscar-winning film of Hollywood, Cast Away (2000), is also an amazing depiction of an endless struggle for life and goal. The film portrays a FedEx executive who was deserted on an island due to the plane crash. He, after many years of struggles and hurdles, return to his hometown. He kept on trying to go back and finally succeeded in his task.

People with unshaken determination and strength to keep trying until they meet the end are always destined to be successful. In all aspects of life, every person yearns to get the best. Everyone wants to struggle for the betterment of life. For this, everyone is bound with the endless struggle. Therefore, if the struggle is an important aspect of life then it must be done with all strength and will. Shuddering back from difficulties and hurdles of life are the habits of non-successful people. Such people can never attain anything in their life.