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“Knowledge is power”

 is the phrase coined by Francis Bacon in his Meditationes Sacrae (1597) This phrase implies the importance of knowledge for human beings. A person with knowledge is always better than a person without any knowledge. Knowledge gives power to an individual to tackle with the difficulties of his/her life and to achieve his/her goals.

Everyone yearns to achieve knowledge about different things. However, knowledge is only considered a blessing when it helps anyone to achieve betterment and does not hurt anyone else. The wrong use of knowledge is strictly prohibited by many religions and moral principles. When knowledge is attained and used for some cruel means then its consequences are very devastating. Take the example of nuclear knowledge. Knowledge about nuclear science is beneficial when used for the production of power or electricity.  While nuclear science used for the invention of horrible weapons has drastic effects on human lives.


People with immense knowledge have changed the world. People and scholars like Einstein, Newton, and Plato, have given this world a new perspective to view things. Their knowledge is still helpful even in this modern world. They used knowledge as their power and enlightened the people with it. However, history has engraved tales of those who used their knowledge for wrong means to achieve success and wealth. The Britishers colonized many places by asserting that they are superior beings. They indeed had the knowledge, but this does not mean that they were allowed to rule over other people, invade their territories, and proclaim themselves. The conceit of their knowledge made them do something that was immoral.

Knowledge is a blessing as well as a curse depending upon its use. Physicians cure the disease of many patients with the help of his/her knowledge. The teacher educates the new generations about the world with the help of his/her knowledge. Human beings are distinct from other beings, because of their rationality and knowledge. This is a sample essay written for our client to get a customized essay or research paper contact us at Essay Mills.