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The Importance of Well-Being

Wellbeing is one of the main contributions to improving QL. The Department of Health defines that “Wellbeing is about feeling good and functioning well that includes an individual’s experience of their life; comparison of life circumstances with social norms and values. Therefore, from this definition, well-being is created with some factors, especially at the individual level. It is still not clear if both physical and mental factors are significant to contribute toward health. Well-being is a significant issue to be healthy in our lives. It is considered that well-being makes our lives flourish. Nevertheless, well-being is a complex concept. People showing better well-being tend to be more productive, have higher incomes, a more stable marriage life, and have better health and life expectancy. Some developed countries, such as the United States, indicated that happiness cannot be a cause of economic growth. Therefore, it doubts the importance of well-being.

Importance of Wellbeing

People showing higher levels of well-being tend to react to demanding conditions. Moreover, the well-being of a society is considered as a benefit for all individuals. It often promotes people to achieve the sufficient stage. Therefore, well-being might encourage people to be “functioning well”.

Furthermore, awareness related to economic indicators, such as GDP, unable to show the condition of an individual observed among policymakers has risen. The policies influence an individual’s life greatly. In terms of well-being, which is one of QL, economic growth is uncertain to develop individual lives.

Wellbeing is one of the main contributions to improving QL.  Well-being is created by some factors, especially at individual levels. Therefore, well-being indicates whether people are satisfied with their lives and can be one way of evaluating how indicators are needed to improve people’s lives and checking whether the satisfaction for the indicators among people has improved after the enforcement of policies.

In 2012, at the conference of the United Nations (UN), it was announced that well-being is necessary due to some global challenges that the world often forces. During the conference, it is also mentioned that well-being is one of the fundamental development goals.

In the EU, some countries, such as France and the UK, have launched their own programs in order to achieve the improvement of well-being. In the UK, David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, declared that the UK is the first nation, which identifies that well-being is a core goal and the ONS is committed to measuring people’s well-being.