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In groups of three or four, you will be required to conduct research on AIS/ERP Systems for your client. Your team is required to pick a case study in one of the areas mentioned below (not limited to). Then prepare a Business Report for the client detailing the processes of selecting an AIS/ERP to help them to make an informed decision for investment in an information system to take their business to the next level including:

  1. Define business processes,
  2. Develop business requirements,
  3. Determine the systems requirements,
  4. Software and vendor selection
  5. Determine at least three (3) ways in which companies or organizations utilize such technologies to improve business efficiency
  6. Evaluate the level of efficiency of the technology implementation
  7. Examine potential security risks, data breaches
  8. Provide guidelines on how these risks could be mitigated.

The report should be about 3500 words and should be submitted in an MS Word format document for the client. Each group would be required to find AIS/ERP that addresses the different aspects of the client’s business especially the area of their enumerated challenges and should also ensure that the client’s business requirements are addressed.

You may also employ any analysis or design tool in the preparation of your report – so long as the results are suitable for presentation in the required Word document and are your own work. Remember: this is a report intended to convince a board of directors to adopt your proposal. Your report must, therefore, be complete, yet concise; be clear and convincing, and professionally presented. Above all, the report must be specific to the needs of the business.