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What is foot-printing?

In real life, as the FBI can testify, thieves and stealers have their work cut out and do not get to make use if the luxurious facilities available to their movie counterparts. The better (or worse, depending on how one looks at it) thieves are cautious and meticulous in their approach. They gather as much info about the place as possible with the means that are available to them. These could be vulnerabilities in the building’s security systems installed, the alarm systems and kinds of locks in use over there, and anything that can help them have a fruitful look at the place in question.Part of thievery or stealing as shown in movies is the so-called “casing the joint” that the criminal performs at the place (or joint) where he or she has to perpetuate the crime. The term “Casing” refers to the criminal obtaining photographs of the place and/or gaining access to floor plans. In the movies, the criminal most of the time gets fortunate enough to obtain the schematics of air conditioning and/or ventilation systems and the alarm systems installed in the building as well. But this is just the Hollywood version of stealing. You can order academic writing services from us on “Footprinting” at an affordable price.

Security testers, much like the thieves they are hired to counter, have their work cut out in finding as much info about the company as possible to ensure an optimum level of network security. Only after this is done can the company hope to get any useful advice from them as to what they should do to maximize network security at the company. This process of finding info about the system is called footprinting. “Reconnaissance” is another term used for this purpose. Footprinting is nonintrusive (passive). There is no illegal aim towards the gathering of info using false credentials. The security tester must attempt to glean as much info as possible about the company.

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