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Ethical problems in management consultancy

Ethics is a functioning perception that can have a significant and authentic outcome on a person’s management consultancy practice. Ethics is more than just an imprecise hypothesis because it implies moral values of decisions and whether they are right or wrong according to social and cultural norms of established standards of behavior. It is not just adhering to laws but much more than that. “Ethics” are ethical standards that act as a yardstick for suitable conduct. Ethical problems can be quite complicated and yet are ones that you will regularly across in your work as a management consultant.

Business ethics examine a moral problem that arises in any business large or small and tries to apply the appropriate business conduct of individuals and of the company. Corporate ethics has both standard and expressive frameworks. As a business preparation for a career specialization, the practice is above all standard. Scholars making attempts to identify with behavior use explanatory and illustrative methods. The variety and magnitude of business ethical issues demonstrate dealings to maximize profit with non-economic considerations.  Concern and awareness regarding business ethics increased significantly during the 1980’s and the 1990’s within scholarly circles and corporations.

Currently, most businesses large and small carry out corporate social responsibilities as part of their commitment and dues to society at large. Governments make and use laws and regulations to regulate business behavior in the correct direction by applying regulations. However, ethics is a field that usually falls outside of governmental control. Therefore, large corporation with little or no contact with the communities in which they do business developed the concept of formal ethics as established systems imperative to business operations The fundamental, necessary and indispensable ethical issues have been implemented by making them into laws and regulation to make sure that companies adhere to these regulations in the best interest of society at large and specifically the communities that they operate in. However, companies must realize the ethics are greater than just legal issues.

Many organizations try to influence the behavior of their employees through officially written arrangements such as mission statements, corporate values and implementation of visionary values which produce rules and regulations for ethical organization and management. Not everyone agrees as to the usefulness or success of these codes. Some contend that such codes reduce unethical behavior among corporation management and employees. However, because these statements are so different from each it become quite difficult what is meant by “formal code” because there is the fact that many employees do not understand what the written code is meant to convey