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Essay: What is wrong with the Canadian House of Common

The Canadian House of common is the lower chamber of the country’s bicameral parliament and is responsible for passing laws and overseeing the activities of the government. The effectiveness of any government is a measure of several contributory factors. One of them is the representation of various publics.

 The other point is the responsiveness of governing regime to the needs of its people. Furthermore, there is the issue of multi-level governance. Can the government-run and maintain parallel institutions meant that are meant for enhancing the government’s own operations? As such, several contributing factors could answer the question of what is wrong with the Canadian House of common.

Canadian House of Common

For instance, the elected officials could be poor such that they cannot represent the interests of the citizens properly. As well, the configuration of the political institutions might hold back representatives who wish to represent the best interests of the public. Again, there is a possibility that the elected people might not be the right representatives of the majority of the public, which would make it hard for the government to institute multilevel governance. Nonetheless, there is doubt on the subject of representatives or leaders being poor or having bad intentions for their own followers.


The House of Commons also faces challenges in terms of transparency and accountability. While parliamentary proceedings are technically open to the public, many Canadians may find it difficult to access or understand the often-arcane rules and procedures of the House. Additionally, many government activities are conducted behind closed doors, and there are limited mechanisms for holding politicians accountable for their actions.


While the Canadian House of Commons is an important institution in the country’s democratic system, there are several issues that must be addressed. These include the lack of diversity, party discipline, transparency, accountability, and effectiveness. By addressing these issues, Canada can ensure that the House of Commons better represents the interests and perspectives of all Canadians.

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