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Essay: What is Utilitarianism


Utilitarianism is a way of thinking, that measures the activity of a thing to its outcome. Its proponents suggest that the best deed is the one that brings the greatest gain to the greatest number of people in society and vice versa. Even though criticism has it that it is hard to quantify the happiness of people, I really like the argument in this school of thought the reason being- at a certain point, one can assess those actions that will bring resentment to the majority of people in the society. This actually goes in line with the rule of democracy where in one way or the other, the winner is identified.

The lesson learned here is that in my future career as a business person, I really need to consider the larger interests of my clients plus the community around which in an actual sense is the current global trend. For instance, it is in the interest of most communities in the world to conserve the environment and businesses should comply with a set of rules and regulations put to safeguard the same.

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