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Essay: SWOT Analysis of HIMS strategic plan

Strategic Design

Strategic design helps a firm in realizing what it wants to do and why. In this stage, extensive research is required to ensure that the strategy to be put in place is well planned such that it will succeed. By use of social research, the expected results will be grounded and thus lessen any risk that may arise after its implementation process starts.  It is through strategic design that the hospital realizes that there is need of a laboratory department in the firm. In this strategy design and planning step, I complete a number of tasks including (AHIMA Committee on Professional Development, 2001)

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis involving considering the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats the hospital is currently facing. The strengths include strong and visionary leadership from the laboratory’s director, the contracted department staff are established, dedicated and adequately trained staff,   clear vision, community support, and financial support. The weaknesses include computer illiteracy and project delay considering past projects. The opportunities are the development of a more productive and efficient department, increased customer satisfaction since there will be examined before treatment and the fact that the hospital is located in a densely populated area. The threats are many tasks within a short time and this may limit success and great need of training and communication all throughout the implementation process.

  • Environmental analysis, which involves the assessment of the external environment and the effects it, may have at the hospital. Considering the external environment, it is evident that there are two other hospitals in the locality and although their laboratories are not equipped, they offer laboratory services and this has posed competition. The community relationship with the hospital is very encouraging and therefore we except total support from the community.

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